Living off Travel: India

Living off Travel: India

July 15th, 2017


Bangalore, India


Dear Blog:

Since you have existed, you have injected my life with a dose of creativity. With you I have no limits, and I know that any idea is possible.

I can see many of my passions reflected; what’s more, I treat you with so much love that I embody everything in you, because I take you very seriously.

My daily life hasn’t been the same since you’ve been on the web. Every day you absorb part of my thoughts, and sometimes, I regret that I do not devote most of my time to you.

Our dates are usually nocturnal. My nights and dawns become a factory of stories that feed you at dawn so you can project them with euphoria into the virtual world.

When did you go to India?

You know me well! You know how much I like Asia.

India is the destination that I had planned to visit in October, the month of my birthday, but it seemed so complicated … It’s true, I was giving up.

But you came forward, you made things easier, you grew with light, affection and authenticity.

You have opened doors for me, but you have also dealt me some low blows which have made me sad.

I guess not everyone likes you, but I love you, and you seems to be like someone from India, too.

In April, motivated by my travelling dream, I entered you in a contest organized by a couple of hostels in India.

And guess what? You were selected in the final list of 8 bloggers.

Can you believe it? Chessi Bofa is going on an expedition to India sponsored by AAO Hostels.

When my friend Alejandra saw the ad, she tagged me in the publication. I was delighted; I knew it was the opportunity I had been waiting for, and I could feel God urging me to go the extra mile.

For a month, I did not hear anything new about it, although inside me, I knew that India would be my next destination.

I let everything flow. At that time, we were very concentrated on the organization of Yoga in Prusia. Do you remember?

That event also came to be through you. I must admit we make a good team!

On May 21st I was happy on a bus full of people who were eager to participate in the hiking-yoga tour at Prusian National Park.

That morning I received a call from India: great news for Chessi Bofa, accompanied by beautiful people who had believed in the event that we had organized in Prusia.

My heart was happy!

Juan Carlos was by my side, and he was the first to hear about it. His support has always been unconditional.

Does he like you? Well, I’m looking at him here a few feet from me. Just as you suspected… Juan Carlos came with me to India.

He, like me, believes in your great potential. He gives me constant advice, especially regarding order and structure. You know, engineer things.

Today I am writing to you from the city of Bangalore. It was a long journey from San José, full of anecdotes… If only you knew!

But we’ll have time to talk. So get ready, because exotic stories are coming.

Everything looks beautiful to me!

Keep in touch,




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