Montevideo: The Introverted Capital

Montevideo: The Introverted Capital

I believe faithfully that just as there are extroverted and introverted people, cities also have their own personality.

Personalities that make a first impression. A first impression that with small details you end up cataloging in one way or another.

I had to visit Montevideo to realize that the introverted city is just as exciting as the many colorful, noisy and busy metropolises that have enveloped me and which I usually find enchanting.

Montevideo was the exception to many of the prejudices that are usually associated with a capital.

I knew it by the silence as I walked along the rambla that bordered the Rio de la Plata. I knew it when I noticed that many people did not come up to me. I knew it because the traffic was fluid and scarce. I knew it because everyone walked around slowly drinking mate. I knew it because the color gray stood out in the colorful urban DNA. I knew it because of the charisma of its people. I knew it because it was clean. I knew it because I felt safe and I knew it because I felt peace.

Does Montevideo get its energy from the inside and look for ideas and motivation from within its history? It is so mysterious that its high concentration surely requires a deep understanding of every street, every wall, every park, every season and every Uruguayan.

Montevideo. How nice your name is!

Surely when they meet you, they ask you, “Why do you call yourself that?”

Does that question bother you as much as it does me? Such a personal answer involving your life story is difficult to share and summarize with people you just met.

The answer is discovered by those who come, those who remain, those who commit, those who dare, those who are interested…

Well, I was so eager to meet you that I was there … photographing you, walking around you, studying you, interpreting you, deciphering you. What an honor to visit your lands!

I see a lot of myself in you.

Did you know that when it comes to fast food, hamburgers are my favorite?

When your countrymen recommended El Chivito, one of the most popular dishes, I never thought that a delicious hamburger with a distinctive fried egg would be served in front of me.

Since then, your gastronomy is among my favorites.

In you, I found the ideal refuge to enjoy tranquility, moments of solitude to reflect, pretexts to flee superficial conversations, a great confidence in myself, and new initiatives to embolden and increase my social skills.

Are you self-conscious and like to keep yourself isolated?

You like to go unnoticed with your low profile and give yourself completely to those who dare to explore you personally, away from advertising, photographs or videos.

Perhaps, you are timid and enjoy the conquests that flash in the Southern Cone as a result of your mystery.

Do you have a nice relationship with your jovial neighbor Buenos Aires? The feminine, flirty and extroverted city that boasts of being the Paris of Latin America. How about your relationship with the “porteños”? I think you see her as an older sister.

For me, you are manly, gentlemanly and reserved, willing to let yourself be seduced by the clamor of your suitors.

Maybe you have several admirers who send messengers to your lands? I found many Spaniards visiting you… maybe you are attracted to Barcelona. Everyone speaks very well of her.

I’d love to meet her too! But for the moment, I delight in your secrecy, your enigmas and riddles.

I am sure that we will meet again. I was fascinated by your teachings, especially because I learned a great lesson: the introverted is also captivating.

Thank you so much, Montevideo!