Natalia Valverde: Bachelorette party

Natalia Valverde: Bachelorette party

Naty, I’m so happy for you!

I never thought in a stage of my life, in which maybe I’m not most proud of, I know for you it may be a great accomplishment, a great friend whom I admire a lot would leave me.

In 2007 I had the fortune to meet you, and since then, our friendship draws on experiences and feelings.

And we shared so much! A passion for travel, shopping, fighting for dreams, parties, laughter, frustration, love, and indifference … I find it impossible not to relive those moments as I write this note.

Naty, you really fought for your dream. I’m proud of you! For so long of a time you dreamed about going to New York, and for several reasons the goal was truncated … Do you remember how many times we had this conversation? But even so you insisted, “do not give up.” You fought! And it was then when the dream of your long journey was recognized that you met him … Your perfect match was waiting for you!

Life is a box of surprises that delights me with flashes of beautiful colors.

The relationship continued and wedding preparations were swift, and then you granted me the privilege of being your maid of honor.

“The dress should be a coral color!” You said to me with determination. HAHAHA.

We both walked to get the dress, and then to wedding cake tasting. It was so delicious!

Also, as your maid of honor, I had to make you an authentic and special gift, a gift that I decided would be your bachelorette party as well as a farewell to Costa Rica, because you will live outside our country.

I wanted to give you a present where we could both enjoy ourselves, and that would highlight our Costa Rican idiosyncrasy, especially our hometown of San Jose.

So I organized a photo shoot in San Jose, and together we gave life to the city where we were born.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that every photo is beautiful. Every moment we spend together is most definitely  called friendship.

See you in New York!


Photos by Sahara Sagot






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