Swimming: An Aquatic Trip

Swimming: An Aquatic Trip

I have always admired people who achieve discipline in sports or cultural endeavors.

When I was a little girl I took swimming and ballet classes, was part of the athletics team, and studied the melodica, folk dance and English.

With the common denominator that it was all temporary. Later, these activities became part of my past and turned into memories, except the English classes, which I was never able to escape from.

Perhaps because at that time I was in a system in which it was more important to focus on academic activities than on social ones. I don’t know!

Sometimes I wonder what kind of athlete, musician or dancer I would be if I had continued to study everything else the same way that I focused on English classes.

Maybe I would be competing in the national games, playing in the National Symphony or dancing for the National Dance Company. Then again, maybe I would not be trying to write in English, French, Mandarin and Spanish on my blog. Again, I don’t know!

My blog… This virtual page that has become my catharsis. To be honest, I could not imagine myself without it!

Chessi Bofa became my personal brand in my virtual diary and my little traveling project. I could never regret that.

Although I was never able to escape from the extensive English classes, it was a door that opened many more for me.

I discovered how sociable and outgoing I could become to break language barriers. I discovered the world of literature, music, cinema, gastronomy, friendships, and cultural diversity — in short, an itinerant world. That was my passion!

Among the many anecdotes I retain from my childhood, the aquatic world is a latent memory.

When I was little I loved swimming in pools, rivers and beaches. Swimming was an ideal complement to my busy agenda at that time.

And then I got tired, I got bored… the cold, my schedule, transportation, prices, excuses … and I let go of the sport that most captured my attention.

At the beginning of 2017, I wanted to take a dip in the waters that such pleasant memories bring me, so I enrolled in morning classes on Saturdays and Sundays.

Since then, I have practiced swimming in a disciplined and full way in my daily life. I love it!

I feel complete when exercising and discovering the many benefits that it brings.

Now I follow the latest trends, blogs, brands, championships, sport agendas, and everything related to swimming.

I have immersed myself so much in this aquatic world that now everything is related to blogging, photography, writing and swimming.

At the moment, I am taking a photography class as part of my major in Communication.

The teacher was in the middle of explaining the project, which consisted in choosing a brand, studying the profile of its users and conducting a photo shoot of them.

Part of the instructions was based on the application of all the techniques that we had learned in class: panning, dynamic range, zooming in and out, high-speed photography, and wide-angle and other shots… I was excited. It wasn’t difficult for me to pick Speedo as my topic.

Immediately, I thought of Fiorella Mena, a friend who practiced swimming with a lot of dedication.

Fio participates at the competitive level, and her passion has gotten her to open water competitions at the national level. Soon she will compete in Mexico. Swimming is an aquatic trip!

When I asked her to be the model for the Speedo project, she immediately expressed her willingness to join the small team.

The “Speedo Team” was also joined by another great friend, Fiorella Álvarez. Her passion for swimming led her to play a strategic position by setting up the site of the photo shoot, putting us in contact with Víctor Carvajal, and being the group’s kit woman.

Víctor Carvajal was the critical eye behind the camera, the one who covered my back, suggested new photographic ideas, and at the same time expressed that some photographs did not express anything, while others were majestic.

I thank all three for their patience! What was to be a simple university project ended up being a Saturday fun, entertainment, spending time with friends and rediscovering San José.

Since I now follow the Speedo brand, I’d like to share a post that they recently published about the 15 reasons to love swimming.

#1: It’s perfect for every swimming personality, whether you’re a social swimmer who loves a swim and a gossip with friends or a solitary swimmer who prefers to switch off and swim solo.

#2: There’s enough choice to keep you from becoming bored. Aqua-jogging, sprint work, water aerobics, fitness drills, training aids; every swimming session can be different, allowing you to beat boredom and stay motivated.

#3: You can work out as hard or as gently as you like, making it perfect for competitive swimmers and beginners alike.

#4: Being immersed in water is a great stress reducer and allows you to relax, escape reality and switch off from the rest of the world.

#5: A low impact sport, swimming is easy on the joints, making it suitable for every age and stage of life.

#6: Swimming releases feel-good hormones called endorphins into the bloodstream, leaving you with a natural post-workout high.

#7: It’s a great all-round body workout. In fact, a medium-paced half hour of freestyle swimming burns up to 255 calories.

#8: It’s a year-round activity. There’s no need to get cold and wet in order to stay fit during winter. Just nip to your nearest indoor swimming pool and enjoy a workout in the warm, relaxing water.

#9: It can save your life!

#10: Swimming skills open the door to a wealth of other exciting water-based sports such as surfing, diving and water-skiing.

#11: It’s fun for all the family – from babies to grandparents, swimming is a great social activity for all age groups.

#12: You can swim wherever there’s a pool (or ocean or lake), making it a great way to keep fit while on holiday.

#13: It provides an all-over body workout.

#14: You can target specific problem areas using training aids such as pullbuoys (great for arm work) and kickboards (great for leg work).

#15: It’s a great way to maintain your fitness during pregnancy and beyond.




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